The Pitch Print PR Service

We developed The Pitch Print to help solopreneurs  + business owners who simply don't have the time to implement a full PR campaign and are not quite ready to commit to becoming a 3-6 month retainer client with our agency. 
Within this service, you have access to a full Publicity Team- right at your finger tips! Think of us as your personal PR coordinators, we're here to help you craft the perfect message and share your brand story with your target audience while becoming an expert in the media! 
 Our Pitch Print PR Services include: 
- Development of Marketing/PR Plan
-Crafting Your Press Ready Brand Story/Media Pitch
-Curating A Tailor Made Press List For Your Brand
-Development of Up To (1) Press Releases


The Investment: $699.00

WAMG PR Representation

*3 month minimum to start

The Perfect Client: We work with goal getters in the beauty, entertainment (music + film), and lifestyle industries. You have a new product/service and you are ready to get your brand in the hands of the media and in front of your target audience

What We Offer: We work with you to create a custom PR Plan, Monthly Status Report, Press Pitch  and Media Outreach List to distribute to various editors/journalists, producers within your industry. Our hands on approach to  developing a Strategic PR campaign, booking press interviews, coordinating press junkets and more, make us your PR Dream Team, helping take your business to the next level through more visibility and exposure to the masses.

Event Publicity

The Perfect Client: You've recently launched your new product/service and are ready to host an event- bringing out VIPs/tastemakers, media personnel, potential brand partners, etc. You know what you want- you just don't have the time or capacity to handle press + media invites

What We Offer:  We have experience in coordinating listening parties, book launches, film screenings, industry workshops, 3-10 City Tours and more. We will manage the press invites on your behalf, coordinate the itinerary/final guest list, secure press before, during and after the event and make sure your launch is a complete success that has the Who's Who talking about it.