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3 Things You Must Do To Build An Awesome Brand

So 2016 is upon us and everyone (including me) is excited and focused on planning for an amazing year!  We all have various goals and aspirations that we must achieve, like this year, better yet this month right? It's do or die and we are ready to get it in! Well before you send out any emails for your next big collaboration, partnership or interview, you might want to take a look at your overall brand image.  Does it represent you as a business owner  and thought leader in your industry? Is your message clear among your target audience? If not, you definitely have work to do. Here are 3 things that you must have and know in order to build an awesome brand.

1.)  Get Engaged!- No, seriously! You must know what you have to offer your target audience and then be sure to develop amazing content so that you can engage with them on various platforms, ie Twitter, Instagram,  Periscope.  People want to feel like they know you and that they are apart of your life and community. When you are launching your next product, create behind the scenes footage, host a giveaway, do something that is fun and innovative to develop a better relationship with the audience that you already have.

2.) Love Your Selfie!- Let's face it, photos and social media are equivalent to Beyonce' and Destiny's Child, you HAVE to have them, or else it just doesn't make sense! It's important to take high quality photos that speak to who you are as a person and brand owner. You want to always have fresh new content so you'll need to take photos at least every 3-6 months depending on your launch dates, project, etc. And yes, you may as well become BFF's with a selfie stick and a photographer.

3.) Be Willing To Spend A Cute Coin!- Like Rihanna said, Chicks Better Have My Money! (okay, well actually it's your money but you get the point). You must have a BUDGET! Decide on what you NEED to spend your marketing dollars on ie (hosting with Squarespace,  Mailchimp Automation, Photoshoot, Publicist, etc) and then figure out how much you are willing to spend on each. As an entrepreneur, you MUST invest in yourself!! It's the only way to go, plus scared money really doesn't make any money! 

Building a brand takes time, dedication to the grind and faith! I hope these 3 tips were helpful!! If you like what you read, give me some feedback, hit the contact form and email me!