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PR Girls Do It Better Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Valentine's Day Weekend is upon us so we wanted to create this gift guide of some of our Favorite items we believe EVERY PR Girl should have!  Check it out and share with your boyfriend or biz bestie, you never know; they may surprise you with these amazing gifts!

1. Whether you are preparing for a new client meeting or a night on the town, this 'Merlot' lippe by The Lip Bar is perfect for any occasion.

2. What better way to keep warm, look stylish and let everyone know that you are a hard working, ambitious PR Girl than wearing our #PRGirlsDoItBetter sweatshirt? Grab yours now ON SALE!

The Bando Mobile Charger- As PR Girls and Entrepreneurs alike, we are always traveling and on the go.  Between driving and trying to having everything together it seems that our phones love to die when we need them the most, right? Never fear, the Bando mobile charger is here!! Courtesy of

4. What's a PR Girl without her foundation to keep her looking glamorous and selfie ready? Check out the new Total Control Foundation by NYX Cosmetics

5.  Learn how to secure the bag immediately  with this amazing read by Lillie Mae of The Lillie Mae PR Agency, " 5K in 30 Days".

. Everyone knows you CANNOT go to an event without your face being BEAT honey! This highlighting sponge by Elf Cosmetics will help you stay flawless no matter what curves are thrown your way!