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I've Graduated With My PR Degree, Now What?

A Throwback circa 2012 jsu mass comm day, lindsey was awarded the highest gpa in the department at the jackson state university! This post was written by Lindsey A. Walker and originally posted on PRCouture.com on January 18, 2016

A Throwback circa 2012 jsu mass comm day, lindsey was awarded the highest gpa in the department at the jackson state university! This post was written by Lindsey A. Walker and originally posted on PRCouture.com on January 18, 2016

Congratulations, you did it! Graduation has come and gone. You’ve celebrated (maybe a little too much) with your family and friends, and you've been applying for PR jobs every since. However, despite sending your resume out religiously and even landing a few interviews (that quite honestly you thought you nailed), you've have yet to get a job offer. So frustrating.

So, what’s an aspiring PR professional to do?

Well, you could cry and get depressed about life and tailspin into self-doubt and anxiety about whether or not a career in PR is even in the cards for you. But because you were likely attracted to public relations as a career because it requires hard work, a thick skin and creative problem solving, you know it is not in you to give up on your dream so quickly.

Here is what you do: carve out an afternoon of solitude and take yourself on a little career planning retreat. Grab a notebook or open up your laptop and brainstorm how you can reclaim inspiration and gain a clear direction on what you can do, right now, to change your story from bing-watching Netflix to gainfully employed.

Know this: You create your own opportunities

If might not feel like it right now, but you are in a very exciting time in your life where the future has yet to be written.  

So rather that waiting for job listing to appear, make an ideal company list and prepare to proactively reach out to at least twenty PR agencies and brands in your area of interest.  

Getting the job often comes down to being both a cultural fit for where you are applying, as well as having a specific set of skills that interplays well with those of the existing team. Your next task is to take what you know of each company and figure out what exactly about your experience is likely to be most helpful and most interesting to them. Secondly, really hone in on what it is about that company culture, history or product that calls out to your personally. Choose several skills and experiences for each of the companies on your ideal company list and write notes or bullet points as part of your research in a "why me" section. You'll use these notes later when crafting a letter of introduction (make sure to avoid these common cover letter mistakes).

Getting the job often comes down to being both a cultural fit for where you are applying, as well as having a specific set of skills that interplays well with those of the existing team.

Before reaching out to your company contact, ensure that your digital presence, including LinkedIn, social media accounts and Google search results are consistent, professional and up-to-date. Examine your resume and portfolio and give them a refresh (have a trusted friend give them a look and point out anything that is confusing, inconsistent or designed poorly).

Now it's time to ensure you are following each company through social media, and begin engaging with them where appropriate. Then, write a compelling pitch letter addressed by name to an ideal company contact (to make this easier, check out PR Couture's templates for job seekers).

You may choose to simply ask if there are any open positions, to ask for an informational interview, or to simply write a company love letter with a short PS about your career aspirations. Point is, you are taking ownership of your career direction and putting out feelers to get you closer to the job you want.

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- See more at: http://www.prcouture.com/2016/01/24556/#sthash.JnHzYAdl.dpuf

3 Things You Must Do To Build An Awesome Brand

So 2016 is upon us and everyone (including me) is excited and focused on planning for an amazing year!  We all have various goals and aspirations that we must achieve, like this year, better yet this month right? It's do or die and we are ready to get it in! Well before you send out any emails for your next big collaboration, partnership or interview, you might want to take a look at your overall brand image.  Does it represent you as a business owner  and thought leader in your industry? Is your message clear among your target audience? If not, you definitely have work to do. Here are 3 things that you must have and know in order to build an awesome brand.

1.)  Get Engaged!- No, seriously! You must know what you have to offer your target audience and then be sure to develop amazing content so that you can engage with them on various platforms, ie Twitter, Instagram,  Periscope.  People want to feel like they know you and that they are apart of your life and community. When you are launching your next product, create behind the scenes footage, host a giveaway, do something that is fun and innovative to develop a better relationship with the audience that you already have.

2.) Love Your Selfie!- Let's face it, photos and social media are equivalent to Beyonce' and Destiny's Child, you HAVE to have them, or else it just doesn't make sense! It's important to take high quality photos that speak to who you are as a person and brand owner. You want to always have fresh new content so you'll need to take photos at least every 3-6 months depending on your launch dates, project, etc. And yes, you may as well become BFF's with a selfie stick and a photographer.

3.) Be Willing To Spend A Cute Coin!- Like Rihanna said, Chicks Better Have My Money! (okay, well actually it's your money but you get the point). You must have a BUDGET! Decide on what you NEED to spend your marketing dollars on ie (hosting with Squarespace,  Mailchimp Automation, Photoshoot, Publicist, etc) and then figure out how much you are willing to spend on each. As an entrepreneur, you MUST invest in yourself!! It's the only way to go, plus scared money really doesn't make any money! 

Building a brand takes time, dedication to the grind and faith! I hope these 3 tips were helpful!! If you like what you read, give me some feedback, hit the contact form and email me!


4 Tips On How To Work With A Publicist

As you guys may or may not know I had the awesome pleasure of being a virtual panelist on Candice Nicole PR's PoweR Connection #PeriTalk. It was super excited and I wanted to share the amazing experience with my readers as well!!!  As a publicist, I encounter aspiring rappers, business owners, etc who want to take their brand to the next level but don't quite understand the process and TRUST ME! It is a process! So without further adieu, here are my 4 Tips On "How To Work With A Publicist"!

1. Know What You Want- Be specific about what you want a publicist to do for you and your business. Do you research. Know the various services that publicists provide and how they can take you to the next level. Figure out what you need and how it fits into your overall marketing goals.

2. Have A Budget- Before contacting a publicist, you must have a budget! That's why you have to do your homework and figure out how much PR services costs. Typically for full service PR campaigns, you will be required to pay a monthly retainer between $2,500-5,000 per month. Most publicists require the retainer for the first and last month to be paid upfront.

3. Be Prepared- Once you decide on your agency/firm of choice, be sure to have your timelines for your product/service in order. Your website/rebranding phases should be complete, make sure that everything works as it should. Don't try to do test runs in the midst of your PR campaign. If you are in a product based business, make sure you have inventory set aside for media/bloggers as they will want samples to review,etc

4. Be available- Your publicist will need to be in constant communication with you especially when setting up interviews, planning launches,etc. Make yourself available for meetings and stick with them! 


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