RULE #1 Don't Come For Nicki Minaj: Bloggers and The 20/80 Rule

Nicki Minaj halloween.PNG

Happy Monday Everyone!!! I had an amazing Halloween and I hope you did too!!!  Over the weekend, many celebs broke the Internet with their  outrageous costumes,  one in particular-Nicki Minaj. I was scrolling on Twitter Sunday afternoon  when I saw her reply to a tweet from blogger Perez Hilton. Hilton posted about a video where Nicki  on first glance appears to be making fun of a girl in a wheelchair. Nicki responded immediately letting him know that it was not a handicapped person, but her friend/MUA in character. 

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A few moments after, I saw a tweet from the popular blog They wrote an article regarding Nicki and her behavior over the weekend.  Being a publicist, I know that this is an example of the 20/80 rule; 20% of the media dictates what the remaining 80% will report. With Nicki being a celebrity, of course the story is going to go viral within 1-2 minutes. Bloggers work around the clock to make sure that they have the most recent relevant information out there so that their readership increases and remains prominent. 

While on a personal side, I live for entertaining "tea" on my favorite celebrities (and I LOOVE NICKI), the professional side of me screams for the truth to prevail in terms of a media relations perspective. The most amazing thing about this to me, is that Nicki herself took to social media to address the issue and call out those that were incorrect. From a PR standpoint, I cringe because I expect my clients to allow me to handle certain situations, however, from a consumer standpoint, I am rooting Nicki on for taking a stand against the media, who seems to now have a brewing obsession with questioning her character. 

PR Lesson Of The Day: Bloggers Beware of Possible Backlash/Clapback When You Don't Have All The Facts!